Home decorating mistakes and how to fix them are the top concerns of home decor lovers. Adria Workshop will explore 13 common home decorating mistakes that can make your house look messy and disorganized. By avoiding these common interior  design mistakes, you'll be well on your way to creating a cohesive look in your home.


Don't pick a small living room rug/carpet

One of the most common home decorating mistakes is choosing a rug that is too small for the living room. It can cause furniture to appear disconnected and floating in space. A small rug may not cover enough of the floor to completely define the seating area.

However, there may be situations where a small rug is the best choice for home decor on a budget. Therefore, the right size of carpet will depend on the size and layout of your small living room.

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Choosing a small rug is one of the most common home decorating mistakes. (Source: internet)

Don't use too much color when decorating home

Color-coordinated home decor is a popular trend among young people. But using too much color is a common interior design mistake, especially when trying to create an affordable home decor look. 

The key to using color effectively in home decor is to find a balance and use it in a way that enhances the space rather than overwhelms it.

Using too much color is one of the most common home decorating mistakes. (Source: internet)

Don't hang the chandelier too high

Hanging the chandelier too high is one of 10   hideous but common decorating mistakes. A chandelier that is hung too high can make a room feel disjointed and create an awkward visual balance. Instead, hang the chandelier at the appropriate height based on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.

Hanging the chandelier too high is one of 10 hideous but common decorating mistakes.

Don't hang artwork randomly

Hanging artwork haphazardly is one of the most common home decorating mistakes. It creates a disorderly and chaotic appearance. Instead, it is a good idea to hang artwork in a visually balanced and pleasant manner. Grouping comparable works together and constructing a gallery wall are all examples of how this can be done.

Hanging artwork randomly is one of the most common interior design mistakes.

Don't choose short curtains or drapes

Choosing short curtains or drapes is a home décor mistake since they may not block out enough light. Longer curtains or drapes can help create a more coherent and finished aesthetic in a room. For a more professional effect, consider curtains or drapes that extend at least to the bottom of the window frame or to the floor.

Don't choose short curtains or drapes; that is one of the most popular home decorating mistakes.

Don't add too many throw pillows

One of the most common home decorating mistakes is using too many throw pillows. You can get creative with your home decor idea by leaning on a few key pillows and mixing and matching patterns and textures for added interest.

Adding too many throw pillows can make your home look messy.

Don't use tiny accent pillows

How to decorate your home more appealing to visitors? One solution is to use pillows. However, you must be careful when choosing the size. 

Most people often choose small pillows in an attempt to fill the sofa or bed. However, this often results in the need for many pillows, which can make the room lose its focal point. Even if you don't notice it, this is one of the common decorating mistakes that make your house look messy. 

How to fix decorating mistakes? The solution is to use big accent pillows

Don't create a theme room

Creating a room with a specific theme can make the space feel kitschy and dated. It appears to be one of the most common grandmotherly decor mistakes. You can avoid this decorating mistake by adding personal touches and things that mean something to you. As a result, your entire home will have a more cohesive and timeless appearance.

One of the grandmother's mistakes in decor is creating a theme room.

Don't opt for style over comfort

It's important to make a room look nice, but choosing style over comfort is one of the worst things you can do when decorating your home. You should decorate your home in a way that meets both of these needs. This will make the space more comfortable and clean while still making it look good.

Decorate your home based on two criteria: comfort and style

Don't push all the furniture against the walls

Pushing all the furniture against the walls is also one of the most common home decorating mistakes. It can create a messy corner because it makes your wall cramped. Arranging furniture in a more unified and planned way can help create a warm, fulfilling space.

Don't push all the furniture against the walls.

Don't use only overhead lighting

Using only overhead lighting can be a mistake when decorating your home because it can make the room feel cold and harsh. For a new home building idea, it will be more wonderful when you incorporate a mix of lighting sources like floor lamps, table lamps, etc. This can help create a more welcoming and cohesive look.

You should use lighting at a suitable height.

Don’t place too much decor on tables

One of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their homes is to put too much decor, like random things on tables. Many people tend to buy unnecessary things just because they are too beautiful. This can lead to clutter on tables and other surfaces, which can make a space feel cluttered and overwhelming. 

To keep your home looking neat and organized, it is important to keep things simple and minimize decorative items. This can help to create a cleaner, more cohesive look and make it easier to see and appreciate the beauty of your home.

Placing too much decor on tables is the most common home decorating mistake.

Don’t rely too much on open storage

This is the last one of the home decorating mistakes that can make your house look messy. Open storage, such as shelves and baskets, can be a great way to display and store items. But if you use this type of storage too much, it can make your room look cluttered and overwhelming. 

Instead, use a mix of open and closed storage options and be selective about your display to make the room appear organized and put together.

Relying too much on open storage is one of the most common home decorating mistakes.


This blog post from Adria Workshop should help you notice and avoid 13 common home decorating mistakes. So, make your living space more beautiful and appealing by removing the clutter and adding some accents. Enjoy decorating tips and home decor style ideas with Adria Workshop’s blog!