Feng shui when you live in one room would be more challenging than in a large house. However, a small apartment is great for feng shui since everything counts. Read the Adria Workshop article below on feng shui for a studio apartment. You’ll find that even small changes can make a big difference in your day-to-day life.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is a philosophy that comes from ancient China. Feng shui is an approach to interior design that involves putting things in a way that makes the energy in a space more balanced and helpful. The ultimate goal is to invite the most prosperity and ease into their lives.

To achieve this, Feng Shui decorating rules work with the five elements: wood, fire, metal, water, and earth, as well as a pattern called the Bagua map. These tools guide the placement of furniture and other items in your home. 

feng shui for a studio apartment 1
Feng Shui principles work with the five elements and the Bagua map. (Source: Internet)

Why It’s Easier to Feng Shui a Studio Apartment?

While feng shui can be applied to any living space, it is easier to use in a studio apartment than in a larger home. Here are a few reasons:

  • Studio apartments have one primary living area with an attached kitchen and bathroom. This makes the process of feng shui for a studio apartment easier.
  • In a tiny apartment, there is less space to clutter or create obstacles that disrupt energy flow. This makes it easier to create a balanced and harmonious environment.
  • The Bagua map, a feng shui tool that helps map energy in a space, is easier to apply in a small apartment than a larger one.
  • With studio apartments, a small change can make a huge difference in feng shui. You’ll immediately notice a difference in your energy and, therefore, your life!
feng shui for a studio apartment 2
A studio apartment is a great space for feng shui (Source: Internet)

Four Important Feng Shui Zones For A Studio Apartment 

The Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most critical zones for feng shui for a studio apartment. The bathroom is associated with the water element. All of your waste and impurities are eliminated there. Therefore, keeping it clean, clutter-free, and well-ventilated is essential. Avoid keeping mirrors facing the toilet, as it can create negative energy.

feng shui for a studio apartment 3
Feng shui apartment bathroom (Source: Internet)

The Kitchen

The kitchen represents the fire element and is considered the heart of the home. Avoid placing the stove under a window or facing a bathroom or bedroom door if possible. This creates a clash between the two elements, water, and fire.

Besides, try to fill the space between the cabinet and ceiling with plants or kitchen decor. Do this to prevent the accumulation of dust and negative energy.

feng shui for a studio apartment 4
Feng shui apartment kitchen (Source: Internet)

Your Bed

If you can, try to follow the common Feng shui apartment bed tips, such as having your bed in command, using mirrors to reflect natural light (but not your bed), and putting a headboard against a wall. 

You also might want to make sure this space has a good balance because "Chi" energy really thrives with symmetry. For example, if you have a nightstand, consider placing one on each side of the bed.

feng shui for a studio apartment 5
Feng shui apartment bedroom area (Source: Internet)

The Front Door

The front door is called the "mouth of chi" because it's where the energy enters your home. Therefore, it is critical to creating a defined entry or foyer at the Feng Shui apartment entrance. You can make the door stand out by painting it a different color or using a doormat. Besides, make sure that this space is well-lit, clean, and organized.

feng shui for a studio apartment 6
Feng shui apartment entryway (Source: Internet)

How To Start Feng Shui For A Studio Apartment

Apply the Bagua Map

Align the bottom of the Bagua map with your entrance. Your front door will most likely be in the knowledge and self-cultivation, career, or helpful people areas.

Once you organize your apartment into a Bagua map, you can tackle the sections that match your goals outside the home. For example, you can add some houseplants to a "wealth and prosperity" area to bring more money into your life.

feng shui for a studio apartment 7
Use a Feng shui Bagua map in your apartment (Source: Internet)

Decide The Area That You Want To Start

Instead of trying to do everything at once, it's better to start with just one thing. This allows you to focus your energy and attention on improving that particular space.

You can start with an area causing you difficulties or choose to begin at the front door and move around. Use your intuition and do whatever makes the most sense to you.

feng shui for a studio apartment 8
Decide where you want to start (Source: Internet)

Start With One Or Two Changes At a Time

Arranging an apartment for feng shui is a practice that requires intention and attention to detail. So, the best thing to do is to make a few changes at a time. That way, you can prove to yourself that it works.

Of course, if you want to go "all in," you can do everything at once. But don’t feel like you have to. When your life is going pretty well, you don’t have to spruce up your entire apartment just to make it "good feng shui."

feng shui for a studio apartment 9
Make one or two changes at a time. (Source: Internet) 

Ways To Feng Shui Your Studio Apartment 

Remove Things You Don’t Need From Your Place

All the mess in our house shows how overwhelmed, stressed, and busy our daily lives are. A home filled with chaos can get stuck, making it hard for positive energy to flow freely. Don’t be afraid to let things go. Start by removing anything you haven’t used or looked at in over 12 months.

feng shui for a studio apartment 10
Decluttering is one of the first steps in feng shui (Source: Internet) 

Recognize Your Environment

Is there anything in your apartment that you feel could be better organized, that looks "off,"  or that you wish you could change? Make a list and determine whether or not they are easily changed. You can hide things you don't like with removable wallpaper or decals, fabric curtains, or even pictures. Don’t think that you have to live with it.

feng shui for a studio apartment 11
Look at your space with fresh eyes (Source: Internet)

Check For Stagnant Chi Items

Stagnant Chi items cause stuck energy, deplete positive energy, or attract negative energy. Here are some items that, according to feng shui for a studio apartment, shouldn’t be kept:

  • Dirt and grime.
  • Broken items.
  • Furniture blocking doorways or windows.
  • Dried flowers, dead plants, and empty pots.
  • Excessive or harsh lighting.
  • Dirty or cracked mirror.
  • Sad artwork.
  • Piles of paperwork.
  • Outdated calendar.
  • Sharp or pointed objects.
  • Items with negative associations.
feng shui for a studio apartment 12
Check for things that cause stuck energy or attract negative energy (Source: Internet)

Create defined spaces

According to Feng Shui principles, the balance between yin and yang can be achieved by creating separate areas. Yang spaces, such as living rooms or offices, are more active and public, while yin spaces, such as bedrooms, are rest-oriented and private.

One of the biggest challenges with a studio apartment is that everything happens in the same room. If possible, try to create separate areas for public and private spaces within a studio apartment layout by using screens, curtains, freestanding bookshelves, and area rugs.

feng shui for a studio apartment 13
Create defined spaces to enhance the feng shui of your small apartment (Source: Internet)

Perfect Feng Shui Layouts For A Studio Apartment

Place the bed as far away from high-traffic areas

Good bed placement is at the center of any studio apartment feng shui layout. You’d better separate your bed from the "active" areas so that you can get quality sleep. Another good rule of thumb for bed feng shui is to place the bed diagonally from the main door. Avoid pointing your feet straight out the door. This is often called the "coffin position."

feng shui for a studio apartment 14
Try to place the bed as far away from active areas (Source: Internet)

Think about the command position

According to the Feng shui apartment facing directions, "command position’ basically means your back isn’t to the main door. Ideally, you should be able to see the front door when you are cooking at the stove, sleeping in bed, or sitting at a desk. 

Of course, this isn't always possible, so you can make adjustments such as putting a mirror in the room to see the door in your reflection.

feng shui for a studio apartment 15
Consider the command position. (Source: Internet)

Consider poison arrows

Try to arrange your furniture so that sharp corners of tables, counters, or other furniture don’t point directly at you while seated or in bed at night. If you can't move or rearrange them, hang a fabric or a picture to conceal sharp edges.

Another great approach to lessening the effects of the poison arrow is using plants (fake or real). The best feng shui plants have soft, rounded leaves that give off gentle, healing energy. Golden pothos, money plants, Boston ferns, and Areca palms are great choices.

feng shui for a studio apartment 16
Consider the poison arrows and try to fix them. (Source: Internet) 

Place the mirrors in the right position

Adding mirrors is a creative way to make a modern and small apartment look bigger. However, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

First of all, don't put a mirror facing the door because it sends energy out the door. Plus, make sure the mirror does not reflect clutter, fireplaces, or your bed. If possible, you can use mirrors to reflect and double anything you want to amplify.

feng shui for a studio apartment 17
Be careful when placing mirrors in a small apartment (Source: Internet) 

Feng shui is perfect only when it works for you

When it comes to feng shui for a studio apartment, you can always optimize things, but nothing is inherently good or bad. If you enjoy being in your space, and your life is going well, then the feng shui in your home is probably already pleasing.

feng shui for a studio apartment 18
Remember that good feng shui works for you (Source: Internet)


If you follow these simple yet effective tips, you’ll have a beautiful studio apartment feng shui layout. Just remember that the goal isn't to achieve perfect feng shui. If you focus on small changes, you will feel more relaxed and content. Follow Adria Workshop for more interior decoration tips and inspiration!