There should be no worry about small spaces in your kitchen. You can still make this houseroom lovely by styling your dining table. With the suitable concept of decorating dining tables for small spaces, you can even create an effect to help your kitchen look broader and more attractive!

Just scroll down to see the most important factors when picking the proper dining tables, and refer to Adria Workshop’s list of the 10 best dining tables for small spaces!


How to choose suitable dining tables for small spaces?

The dining room is an intimate place where your family eats and chats daily, so choosing a suitable dining table set will help everyone feel more comfortable and connected. These below factors below will help you pick the right small-space dining table.

Dimensions of dining tables and kitchen

You can not just buy any table in any dimension. First, measure your kitchen space. Note all the essential information about the room's length, width, and height. Subtract all the parameters for about 90 - 100cm, and you will determine the best table size. A good table must provide a gap of at least 90cm in all of its directions.

Perfect materials for dining tables

Dining tables can easily be worn and ripped after a time of use, especially when they are placed in a small space. It is hard to avoid contact between users and tables. That’s why you need a table with good material that can withstand accidental impact.

The most common materials for small space dining tables are solid wood, steel, and metal. These are sturdy against physical impact and last for many years. You can also protect the tables with coasters and placemats. These pieces of equipment will increase the durability of the table.

Choose suitable seating for small-space dining tables

Most dining table sets have suitable chairs, benches, and stools that fit the small kitchen spaces. However, some manufacturers sell seating furniture separately. You will have to measure the length and pick out suitable seating items.

Consider extendable dining tables

There are many flexible features that a small space dining table provides. They will bring convenience to use and help you save kitchen space. You can look for the type of extendable table that allows you to slide the table out and in to save space. On the other hand, some products have built-in storage that works as a shelf to store cups, bowls, and cookware. You will need no cupboard or cabinet anymore.

10 Perfect Dining Tables For Small Spaces

Here are the 10 perfect ideas for styling dining tables for small spaces.

Small space dining table set for 4 members - Raphael 4-Person Dining SetSquare table and stools

dining table 8
The small space dining table is set for 4 seaters.
  • Brand: Ivy Bronx
  • Price: $309.99

If you don’t like designs that look too complicated, stick with the basics! Place a square table in the middle of your kitchen, then leave 4 stools in 4 directions. This table set is ideal for any small family that has 4 members.

Transformer Dining Table - Fidel Extendable Trestle Dining Table

dining table 7
Fidel Extendable Trestle Dining Table.
  • Brand: Latitude Run
  • Price: $589.99

The next concept is to use the flexible table of the brand Transformer. This type of table has expandable panels on its sides. You can slide them out to put your plates and dishes on more surfaces. After eating, close the panels to save space. You can place up to 6 seats around the table to serve many people.

The vintage concept with a drop-leaf dining table - Enyopro Bistro Table for Kitchen

The vintage concept with a drop-leaf dining table for the small kitchen.
  • Brand: Enyopro
  • Price: $249.69

You use a particular version of the dining table that supports drop-leaf features. Specifically, the table has 2 foldable sides that help you minimize its dimension when not using it. The dark color of the table will enhance the vintage style of the entire kitchen area.

Tripod dining table for small space - Mcmichael 31.5'' Dining Table

dining table 10
The tripod dining table for small spaces.
  • Brand: George Oliver
  • Price: $209.99

The tripod table stands on only 3 legs, leaving much free space under it. You can take advantage of this space to set up chairs around. There is no need for many gaps between the table and chairs anymore. The seating can fit perfectly underneath the dining table.

Bistro-style dining table design - Rae Round Pedestal Bistro Dining Table with a round 32 inches tabletop

round dining table
The Bistro-style dining table design with a round 32 inches tabletop.
  • Brand: Poterybarn
  • Price: $299

The Bistro style is beautiful due to its simplicity and compact design. The table will help create a casual atmosphere for the entire room.

As the characteristic of Bistro, the table will focus less on style and functionality. You can take advantage of the wide 32 inches of the round tabletop to place many dishes.

Glass and Walnut dining table for 4 seaters - Boowill 5 Pieces Dining Table Set Modern Dining Room Set

The glass and walnut dining tables for 4 seaters.
  • Brand: Boowill
  • Price: $259.99

The concept includes a glass table of the brand Walnut. The transparent glass makes you feel the table is not in the kitchen. With this feature, the room will look wide. The table is big enough for up to 4 members to use at once.

Clever space-saving cafeteria table and dining table - Kaviyon Trestle Dining Table

dining table 6
Clever dining tables for small spaces.
  • Brand: Ebern Designs
  • Price: $249.99

The space-saving cafeteria table is a piece of clever furniture for small spaces. All seats are built into the table legs. You can fold the seats to save space and let them fall out to sit on.

The coastal style for small space - Esporta Drop Leaf Dining TableSolid wood dining table

dining table 2
Dining tables for small space.
  • Brand: Sand & Stable
  • Price: $289.99

The dining table looks simple and beautiful in the Coastal style. With the entire material of solid wood, this table will make your kitchen atmosphere close to nature.

Wood industrial dining table - Kearea Counter Height 47.2'' Dining Table

dining table 9
The wood industrial dining tables are for small spaces.
  • Brand: 17 Stories
  • Price: $129.99

Another idea is to use a wood industrial dining table. The material has been solid and durable for a long time. As an industrial product, the table focuses a lot on functionality. The vast length of the tabletop gives ease for you in placing different dishes.

Round dining table with 2 bistro chairs - 24” Round Bar Table

dining table 1
The round dining table for small spaces with Bistro chairs.
  • Brand: Mooseng
  • Price: $116.00

The round tabletop is ideal for many people sitting together around. We mix this table with 2 bistro-style chairs. This set appears to be simple but very functional. The material of all pieces of furniture is solid wood, which is very sturdy against any physical impact.

Last Words

These are the top 10 dining tables for small spaces. For further questions about small kitchen decor, please get in touch with us. Don’t forget to check Adria Workshop's blog for new home decoration trends. We always want our readers to have the best experience decorating their homes.