Nowadays, people are more concerned about environmental issues than ever before. This is no exception in the interior design industry. In addition to quality, design, and style, environmental friendliness and sustainability are high-priority factors that many customers consider when selecting interior furniture for their homes. 

Why is eco-friendly furniture so popular? The answer is they are durable, safe for the user's health, and, most significantly, do not harm the environment. Eco-friendly furniture brands lead in producing products made from sustainable materials (including fabric and recycled wood). If you do not know where to buy this type of interior furniture, here are the top 10 eco-friendly furniture companies you should know.

1. West Elm

eco friendly furniture company
Eco friendly furniture company.

The West Elm Company is a well-known brand around the globe for eco-friendly furniture and home decor. With the tagline "Good for people, good for the world," the company puts sustainability and forest protection at the forefront of its industrial activities. They are committed to increasing the use of low-impact materials, decreasing waste, and emphasizing circularity. With various choices and beautiful modern interior products, West Elm will be ideal for people who love eco-friendly furniture.

2. Etsy Reclaimed Furniture

eco friendly furniture company
Etsy Reclaimed Furniture.

While the company is most known for its handmade and original pieces, it also works with vendors who reclaim and upcycle furniture, such as wooden wall art and headboards, as well as pallet coffee tables and armoires. Etsy is a recognized B Corp, which indicates it prioritizes people and the environment. Their eco-friendly furniture collection is equally unique. You can choose from a wide selection of hand-made, repurposed, and recycled furniture in a rustic style (dining tables, side tables, benches, nightstands, headboards, outdoor furniture, etc.)

3. Avocado

eco friendly furniture company
Avocado provides environmentally friendly furniture.

Starting in 2016, Avocado have become the most respected source for organic and natural mattresses, pillows, and bedding at affordable prices. The best-selling product of Avocado is a green mattress made from non-toxic, natural, and organic materials. Besides getting an eco-friendly product when buying a mattress from Avocado, customers also have a better after-sales experience. This product features a 1-year sleep trial, a 25-year warranty, free shipping, and optional in-home delivery and setup.

4. Adria Workshop

eco friendly furniture company
Adria Workshop.

Adria Workshop is an excellent option if you seek sustainable furniture in a mid-century modern style. The mission of this eco-friendly furniture company is to put the consumer first. Therefore, Adria Wordshop takes excellent care of every stage of the production process, from raw material selection to product design. This enables Adria to ensure that its products are high quality and reasonably priced when they reach customers. Besides, many customers addicted to dogs and cats will love Adria's eco-friendly furniture. These goods are scratch-resistant since they are made from pet-friendly materials.

5. Burrow

eco friendly furniture company
Burrow offers eco-friendly sofas.

If you're looking for an eco-friendly sofa, look at Burrow, and you'll find the perfect one. On an Internet survey, Burrow is voted as the place to create the most popular couches. The reason for this result is its beautiful and diverse designs and highly durable materials. In addition, the furniture company claims to be free of lead, flame retardants, and formaldehyde, so it's made to last with your safety in mind.

6. Inside Weather

eco friendly furniture company
Furniture in Inside Weather.

Furniture, according to Inside Weather, should be personal and easily available. The Northern California company uses a zero-inventory strategy, making only what consumers request and doing everything in-house before delivering it right to your home. This implies there are no intermediaries, markups, or squandered materials. As one of the only full-scale furniture manufacturers in the U.S., they consider it their responsibility to design, source, and operate sustainably from end to end. Additionally, a tree is planted for every order made in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

7. The Citizenry

eco friendly furniture company
The Citizenry is a master in handcrafted furniture.

The Citizenry is a master in handcrafted furniture. It collaborates with skilled craftspeople from all over the world - from Mexico to Mali, Ireland to India - to bring customers unique. These one-of-a-kind products are made by hand in limited quantities. This company offers a wide range of furniture options, from pieces explicitly designed for bathrooms and dining rooms to specialty pieces that may be used to embellish a home. As one of the early supporters of the trade fair, the Citizenry also contributes 10% of its profits back to artisans through community entrepreneur development awards.

8. Joybird

eco friendly furniture company

Joybird was created on the belief that people should never settle for ordinary home furnishings but rather have the ability to be daringly innovative. Their custom-made and selected furniture is designed to match their customers' specific needs and tastes, resulting in a high-quality product that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. Joybird is another eco-friendly furniture company with a fantastic plan. Joybird plants more trees than were utilized in producing that item to help protect the rainforests.

9. Goodee

eco friendly furniture company
Goodee is a community design enthusiasts.

Goodee is like a community of socially-conscious design enthusiasts who put "caring" for people, and the planet, at the center of everything they do. It is also a carefully curated marketplace that features home goods, products for lifestyle, and other categories, all of which are manufactured by artisans and small enterprises worldwide, emphasizing environmental responsibility and sustainability. 

10. Koskela

eco friendly furniture company
Koskela is from Australia.

Koskela is an Australian eco-friendly furniture manufacturer that believes that producing for the masses is an irresponsible job. Therefore, the furniture products manufactured by this company are intended to become future heirlooms and are easily repairable. Their philosophy guides inspire the next generation of makers and encourage people to change how they choose to furnish their homes, offices, and learning environments. Moreover, Koskela is launching its supported campaign to eliminate carbon emissions by 2030.

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